‘modern home movie’


just a minute:

Does it get any dreamier than a wedding in the middle of a Redwood Forest?

This is a share-able slice of a much longer ‘modern home movie’ we did of K & W’s ridiculously fun and dreamy wedding in Sonoma County, California.

Music: “You and I” by Foy Vance


just a minute:

A minute (ish) of S & K's gorgeous wedding day. A share-able slice of a much longer ‘modern home movie’ we did.
Beautiful people, beautiful light and plenty of time made this a dream to shoot.
Music: "Won't You Come Over"
by Devendra Banhart
Filmed in Indy at: Bride's home, Top Golf, JW Marriot, downtown and 1899 Venue.


just a minute:
Rachel & Zach

They laughed. They vowed. They ate cake. They danced. But mostly they laughed—
and we were so glad to be right there laughing with them.
Music: "None of Us” by Fruit Bats
Barn at Bay Horse Inn / Greenwood, IN

just a minute:
Olivia & fitz

These two were the most peaceful couple--those laid-back,
shoes-kicked-off-early kinda people (she didn't even wear shoes, actually).
Music: “Coyote Song” by Conor Oberst
Mustard Seed Gardens / Noblesville, IN 


Because the alternate 
title of this page is: 
 "You Might Not 
Remember Your Wedding Day."

I recently got married (yay!) ...but my wedding day is a complete blur to me.

I’ve photographed so many weddings that I thought I would have the same awareness and attention to details… but it was such a crazy day, my memory of it is just flashes. When I watched our first dance later, we had it in entirety and I felt so thankful that it wasn’t just a 10-second clip of us dancing in a standard 5-minute wedding film. It was our ENTIRE first dance as a married couple and I loved seeing what our faces looked like and trying to remember what we were talking about. 
Aaaaand that’s when it hit me...
Holy smokes, we need to do video differently. 



Just as my style of photography isn’t for everyone, this style of video may not be for everyone. 
And that’s A-OKAY.

Our longer version (as you’ll see below) is sub-titled “uh-oh! Grandpa got ahold of the camera!” which means we fully embrace the ‘old home movie’ style: handheld, natural, processed in editing to look aged and nostalgic. We want it to feel the way your wedding day feels and reflect you as authentically as possible. From the music (which we’ll collaborate on) to the editing style. These films are not made to feel ‘straight out of Hollywood’ because YOU aren’t. (unless you are. in which case.. uh.. sorry) They'll be thoughtful and high quality, but you’ll still be you. Quirky. Funny. Serious. Whatever you are.



For $2200 (booked solo)
or $2000 (booked w/ wedding photography)
you’ll receive 3+ films:


1(ish)-minute short film

Great for social media so you can share a slice with your family and friends but not give them the whole hour-long shebang.
*We’ll also make an Instagram-friendly version that’s exactly one minute. 

Short, pull-aside interviews of your friends and family wishing you well or reminding you of embarrassing things they love about you. 

aka “Uh-oh, Grandpa got ahold of the camera”
— A long video of the day, some sections set to music, edited to capture the feel of the old home movies we all love— filmic, scratchy. The day as an observer (or grandpa) saw it and captured it—a little imperfect, handheld and full of nostalgia. There are quiet moments and crazy moments. Laughing with buddies while getting ready, full length vows and speeches, the special dances and a longer montage of your friends groovin’ on the dance floor.
The length of this video is typically 60ish minutes, but it’s ultimately dictated by the number of great clips we have. (It’ll def be long enough to have a viewing party with your family & friends.)


Wanna see for yourself what we’re talking about?



You’ll initially see the videos via a pretty little Video Gallery page—
like this one.
You can send that page to family and friends or you can use the links to download the videos and send ‘em around.
I’ll also send a USB drive loaded with the videos in high resolution so you always have a physical copy of them.

- Video Gallery
- Vimeo links
- USB drive

*Would we do a custom package? Of course.
If you’ve got an idea or vision-- if you’re eloping, want a couples session in motion
or want a music video of you dancing around in your kitchen,
get in touch over on our contact page.
We're happy to create a custom quote for ya.