wedding films


just a minute:
Camelia & Zane

A minute (ish) of Camelia & Zane doing the whole wedding thang their way-- a small ceremony/elopement/badass photo and video session with us here in Indianapolis. 
Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art (where we dodged all the security and shot till we got kicked out) & Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park:100 Acres


just a minute:
Olivia & fitz

A minute (ish) of Fitz & Olivia's gorgeous wedding day. These two were the most peaceful couple--those laid-back, shoes-kicked-off early kinda people (she didn't even wear shoes, actually).

Most of this was filmed at their wedding venue-- one of the most beautiful in Indy--
Mustard Seed Gardens. 




There’s something kind of magical about  pictures in motion, isn't there?

It brings a moment and a person to a life
with movement, energy, and sometimes audible laughter.
It can paint a personality or make you see a breeze so clearly you almost feel it. 

And that’s pretty rad. 

So let’s do it. Let’s capture your day so you can reminisce with a photograph hanging on your wall, and in a short film you can relive every anniversary.



Just as my style of photography isn’t for everyone, this style of video may not be for everyone.   And that’s A-OKAY.

These films are not out of Hollywood. They'll be thoughtful and high quality, but won’t aim to make you look like movie stars in a way that you can’t relate to come Monday morning.

We want it to feel the way your wedding day feels and reflect you as authentically as possible.

Our longer version is officially titled “uh-oh! Grandpa got ahold of the camera!” if that tells you anything.



For $1400, you'll receive:


1(ish) minute super-short film

Great for social media if you want to share a slice with your family and friends but not give them the whole shebang. 

5-6 minute short film —  
Not just straight coverage of all the important moments (though we’ll definitely include some), more a collection of moments that take you back. To that first look. To smashing cake in each other's faces. To laughing with your buds while you were getting ready. To toasting to those stellar (or terrible) speeches. 


Bonus features
These will vary depending on the day, and we’ll happily work with you to come up with the perfect bonus features for your wedding. some ideas?
* full-length spoken vows
* special messages to each other
* messages from family/friends
* bloopers/ridiculous moments, BTS-style 


*Would we do a custom package? Of course.
If you’ve got an idea or vision-- if you’re eloping, want a couples session in motion
or want a music video of you dancing around in your kitchen,
get in touch over on our contact page.
We're happy to create a custom quote for ya.