Invest in your business. Invest in your brand. 

At almost any website I visit, whether it's a potential client, or some rando business I'm thinking about buying paper from, I do a quick check on the About Us page. Why? I'm not sure. I guess I like to see who I'm working with. Put a face to a name. I like to see if there are cool process shots or fun facts about the owner. It adds personality and depth to the business. But sometimes it's empty. Or just thin on content. And I can't deny that it affects how I think and feel about the company. Which is why I love branding projects. I love helping people get graphics that add interest and depth to their websites and social media or even just get a fresh (and friendly) profile pic to their LinkedIn profile. 

Kate Allen, freelance writer 


Loran Bohall
Bohall Woodworking & Design


Chelsea van der Meer, Yonder Bound. 


Christian_Howl & Hide

Howl & Hide Supply Co.

Rex Sheeley_Home Inspecting

Rex Sheeley, Successful Home Inspections.