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Hey! My name is Glory.

I’m just out here trying to make photos that you'll still like in twenty years.

I started photography knowing that 'wedding photography' too often means 'over-the-top-mushy-gushy' and I've been striving to create work that is full of feeling but a little more subtle. Over the years this project has continued grow into a passion for just creating good content. Headshots that aren’t stilted and awkward. Wedding films that don’t include slow motion zooms of lips smashed together. Boudoir that’s sexy and cool.

I'm a midwesterner with a love for travel.  I approach portrait sessions with the goal of actually having fun, creating art and leaving clients feeling awesome about themselves. I tear up at almost every wedding I photograph and work my hiney off to get people comfortable around me so I can get candids of people genuinely enjoying themselves.

I've learned that creating intimate work is SO much easier if we're not strangers-- so I get to know the people I work with like we might be new best friends. I've learned the experience the bride & groom have is as important as the photos I deliver, so I bring my A-game, tons of direction and energy backed by a pot of coffee.

For years I was a one-woman show, but it’s amazing what a team can accomplish. My husband, Nicho, shoots photos or video with me at most of our weddings and we love getting to collaborate, dance with our newly married client-friends, and get some time away from our toddler (we love him to pieces, but toddlers are basically cute raptors).


More and more I'm seeing the value in working with people who really love photography. If that's you, let's talk.
I'd love to meet you. 


And if you're into stuff like Instagram you can get a peek into my normal world: @glorysheeley (below) or follow my work @copperhead_photovideo